September 28, 2007

Epic Win!!

So, it turns out that it was just a pin that broke somewhere in the car, which means it'll probably cost me less than $150!


I feel sooooooo much better. Catching a 7:30am bus sucked... I have a new appreciation for the people that do it every day.

Now, you know me, I'm all about emergency planning after the fact, so I'm working on the job thing again. I'm applying for the Work Study program and hoping to god that my previous... esperiance with that program won't hinder my chances this time around. Haven't heard back from the Lucky yet, though I realized today that if the Lucky opens at 6am, and they want me there even a half our early, I'd have to leave the house by, like 5am, and if I were to go straight from that to class, then possibly to rehearsals... Long day. So, maybe that's not the best choice for me. We'll see what happens. Something always seems to work out.

So, that's a massive worry off my shoulders.

On another front: Mumma and the kittens are sick again. They're staying with my new shelter-ami Amanda until they are better, and they're on new meds which should help. I called her and asked about taking them back, or even taking 2 back so they're not all just passing the disease back and forth, and she said that for right now, I might want to keep myself open. Aparently, All Heart is pretty full as is, and on the 28th (so... today...) Kathy is getting 12 cats back from Georgian College's vet program, which makes for a crowded house. I might be taking on another cat or two untill the pressure fades. So, anyone who knows anyone anywhere who wants a furry little friend, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! and check out for some pics of friendly little furballs (dogs and cats) who need homes.

ABA is this weekend. This is either going to go really well, or.... well, lets not focus on the negative. I'm sure everything will be fine...

That's all for now from the TLM lab here at Canadore. I'm heading to the Caf to meet the wonderful Ms. Ducky for tea and DuckyCookies!


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Colleen said...

I guess that's sort of good news about the Meeper... right?