September 26, 2007

Sorting through the Stupid.

So, last night I got warned. One was a constructive criticism warned, which showed me how much personal growth I really have to do before I go out in the field, the other made me a little nauseous.

The first was from Steve. Steve is awesome, in my opinion, and he's kinda like me in the way we get big ideas. So, I was a little unnerved when he expressed the way I handled the general meeting as part of our executive meeting last night. Once he explained himself, I understood: he sternly (but luvingly) reminded me that the noobs don't yet know my sense of humor, so the jokes about getting drunk and the bit about how our theatre sucks might have scared a few people. I was actually being honest, but I see where he's coming from. People need to know me before the understand that I'm just being me.

The second warning didn't suprise me, but it sure as hell pissed me off. I'm not pleased with the way NUSU has started trying to control how people do things. I can't really say more for fear of... more stupidity, lets say, but URG. Why does it have to be so damned complicated!

Anyways, I'm very tired. I almost slept through the season premier of Criminal Minds (not quite as mind-blowing as I would have liked), and I didn't get any of my readings done. But I got some sleep, so that's good.

Really, I feel horrible right now. Like being bound up. Kinda lonely too, but whatev. I miss people. Certain people. Some of them are coming up this weekend, so that's good. I don't know.

I miss the brood.


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Beatrix said...

I'll try to make it a good weekend and cheer you up. *hugs*

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