September 23, 2007

Empty Nest

They went back to the shelter today.

It was so strange coming home tonight, and there was no one on my bed, no one on the counter, no one running up to say hello...No one's sitting on my lap, and no one's trying to walk on my keyboard. There's no revolting gushy-food, and no litter box to clean. No one needs their face washed, and no one's crying.

Not yet anyways.

I wonder what they're thinking... If they're ok squished into that cage... If Mumma's keeping them warm...Is Pickles cramped? I know how he likes 11sies. Maybe Mumma's getting annoyed. I know she was feeling smuthered. She liked to sleep on the counter and just watch us on the bed. Are the other cats keeping them up? I hope they don't give the other cats conjunctivitis...

I'm going back to visit them again on Sunday. I hope they're alright. I hope they remember me.


colleen said...

I'm sure they'll remember you. You're like their... big, misshapen second mother!

Beatrix said...

Pfft, you're in SOS. Very, very soon, someone will inevitably be sitting on you lap, trying to step on your toes, revolting rehearsals and meetings, exec. messes to clean up, people needing their faces made up, and PLENTY of people crying. So it's kinda the same. Except most of them can dispose of their own body waste. Most.

I miss it, I really do.

Ooo, but Brian and I met up with someone from a rescue shelter down here, so soon we shall have monsters of our own. And you must come to visit them.

Ginny said...

Do you plan on staying in NB for awhile, or at least having your own place?

If so, keep one of the critters. Why not? Cats are pretty low maintenance.