September 21, 2007

Kill Sparky.

Wow. It's amazing how fast something microscopic can knock you flat on your ass. Damn you, rhynovirus!!

Anyways, I know it's been a while since I posted, but I have a good reason, I swear... Seriously. So, very early in the week, I lost the charge on my laptop. I tried to plug in the AC, and instead of sparks, there was smoke. Lots of grey/purple smoke.

The Laptop is dead.

After a minor panic attack, I went out to relax (hah!) and wound up agreeing to borrow Bob, Sam's old laptop, until I can get a new one. Cool beans, and props to Sam! Bob is an IBM ThinkPad, but we won't hold that against him. He's a little slow, and can't read my camera, but he'll work until Future Shop opens.

Dad agreed to help me pay for a laptop, but I have to get a job first, so I put my resume in at the Lucky.

I also have been at the Love Our Clubs table, and at a very well done NFF meeting, but everything kinda goes downhill from there.

This damned flu started Tuesday, nearly killed me Wednesday, and forced me to take today off. Being at home all day did actually help: I drank lots of tea, had soup, and slept with kitties on my chest. I was glad to spend time with them before they go back to the Shelter.

i'm going to miss the little devils. But I'm going to be glad to have time to myself again. I will be going to All Heart to visit them every sunday until they're adopted. I think that will happen quickly too: they're all doing so well! Rus and Pickles are mini cats now, and Worry's gotten very big and strong. They're all off all of the pills and the antibiotics and the electrolytes. I've even got Worry eating solid food! They're eyes still weep, but I think that's ok.

Anyways, yeah... There have been many trials and tribulations over the past week, but I'm a bit feverish, very tired, and I have an 830 class tomorrow, so I should go sleep.

I'm not dead. Yet. Maybe after this weekend, but not yet.

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