September 10, 2007

It can't just be me...

So, I didn't watch the VMAs, mostly because I couldn't be bothered. Yes, I was gaming at the time, and totally would have watched Robot Chicken instead of that nonsense. But then I read the headlines this morning.

No, no, not the crap about Britney. You know what? I think, given a proper costume, she could have looked really good, and sparked a revolution of healthy-weights for celebrities. And lethargic performance? Lemme see you get up on that stage under those lights and do half of what she does, Mr. Jerk Face.

No, it's not that trainwreck that has me ranting. It's Kanye West.

What a moron.

Seriously, the idiot throws a hissy fit, literally, a 12-year-old girl, foot stomping, hold my breath until I turn blue and pass out then go home and pout to my mountain of dirty money and plastic bimbos HISSY FIT infront of a bunch of reporters slaivating for a B-plot to the Britney debacle. This time, it's not George Bush that hates black people, it's MTV! Dude, smart plan. Piss off MTV. Brilliant. I mean, it's true that they don't play videos anymore at all, but somehow I'm pretty much certain that the only reason he even has half a career that doesn't involve the phrase "didja want frys with that?" is because of the original Music Video Television and it's hoard of little wanna-be gangsta 12 year olds who still watch that crap to learn values and morals and the proper usage of "Bitch" versus "Ho".

Anyways, I couldn't believe that he threw a fit because MTV put Britney on as their opening act, and he thought it should have been him. I'm pretty sure ANYONE could have done it. I'm amazed that it wasn't that guy from the History of Pop YouTube video. Or Beyonce and Shakira so we'd at least have HAWT wriggling bodies to look at. Then he says he's, like, never coming back to the VMA's like, evar, yo. Fine, I'm sure they don't want you back Kanye, we sure don't.

Sometimes getting up on a high horse about an injustice is a good thing. You know, he was right (just a little...) about the treatment of black people versus white people during Katrina. And I can, to an extent, understand him being upset. I'm not quite sure what Bush had to do with it, because Katrina wasn't his fault... We all know he actually does nothing but take vacation and play mini-putt in the White House. Still...

I'd love to find the online, flash animated comic about stupid celebrities. It always ended with the same phrase, the same one I'm going to end this post with. It was great, and I"m sure they're saying the same thing. Kanye, if you're reading this, and you're like, never going to ever read my blog again because I'm a big meanie poo-head, that's cool. I'll survive.

Here it is, the phrase that says what we're all thinking...

Kanye West, you are A FUCKING MORON.


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