September 9, 2007

My life in the Zoo...

Oh lord... Now that they're feeling better, they're little terrors! Running, jumping, climbing, chasing... farting? Not pleasent. If I'm not tripping over them, they're tripping over me, they're kicking litter out of their box and dragging dry food all over the place. I need another box of carpet fresh.

Still No OSAP, since I didn't have the master list to pick a class: I'm getting it tomorrow. Hopefully the cheque will be deposited early next week. But I get paid on Wednesday, so at least I'll get the VISA paid.

I think I'm allergic to something. I feel bloated all the time... maybe it's milk? I'm going to test this theory and eliminate all dairy products (except the cream in my coffee, or course) for the next week or so. We'll see what happens. If I cut all corbonated pops and stuff too, that should help.

Right now, I have to give the kitties their "ucky stuff", then I have to hunt down my schedule and take out the trash. Tomorrow I have class, I want to get this OSAP nonsense sorted out, and I have to pass out some more packages for the Red Cross. I don't think I'm going out tomorrow, so that will be nice. I got some more dishes done today, so that's good. if I vaccume again tomorrow, finish the dishes and organize my desk, all I will have left is laundry! Go me!

On to another week...

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