September 7, 2007

Lime in the Coconut??

So, the kitties appear to be getting better. I say "appear" because they're running around and causing chaos. But, after some tummy troubles this morning, my foster family took a trip back to the Airport Animal Clinic.

Turns out they ALSO (on top of everything else) have a common parasitic infection called coccidia. Aparently it starts when a cat is exposed to unsanitary conditions, and is triggered by stressors like changing food, which they've done, and changing locations, so, from Powassan to here.

Treatment is actually pretty simple:
1) Pills every day for a week. Mumma gets 1 mixed in her food, babies get 1/4, which I have to stick down their throats. Yum.

2)Continue electrolytes in Worry, antibiotics and eye-cream in Rusty and Pickles, and start giving Mumma the eye cream too.

3) Bleach the hell out of EVERYTHING. Litter box, dishes, carrier, the counters, the walls...if they can sit on or touch it, Bleach = cleansing power.

Here's the other fun bit. How many of you are sitting there going "Hm... conjunctivitis. That sounds really familiar... what is that?" Mom told me today what it is.

Pink Eye.

Yup. Good, old-fashioned Pink Eye. Exactly the same kind you probably had once or twice in grade school. But, it's not contagious between cats and humans, right.


I'll be sick by the end of the week. And, probably, so will anyone who has come into direct contact with me within the last week. Including Colleen... Who lives with a ferrett, 4 rats, a scorpian, a dog, a 2 year old and a Sarah. So I called Sarah and gave her a heads up.

So, aside from today being one of those days that you wish you could just mulligan and do over, things are going... well... ok. I'm ok, I'm calm. Broke, sore, but calm. I have to pick up another class before they release my OSAP, or I'll be demoted to a part time student, so no OSAP until next week, and I couldn't do my FutureShop interview today because it would be an hour wait to get in for the first interview (Mal was there for 4 whole hours!). But I got one booked for tomorrow at 10:30am.

I have carpet fresh! My house doesn't smell like Friskies any more!

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