August 21, 2007

Welcome to Crazy Town!

I just had the best meeting ever with the NFF steering committee! The people involved are so increadably nice, and so motivated and dedicated to awareness promotion... Some of them have even made careers out of it! Can you imagine? This is EXACTLY where I'm supposed to be! And the group is so diverse, and so fostering of every attempt to learn and grow... They don't mind that I tend to babble or push my own adgenda, because they do it too! And they chit chat, but they accomplish things! It just felt so wonderful to walk out of there. I felt like I was on the verge of really doing something important, even if it is just an information session at the Mall... They make it feel big and important.

So, I got put on the "Campaign" Subcommittee, which will be working on the process of holding workshops and community gatherings to promote and educate about our cause. Which is pretty neat. Now I can really work on my public speaking skills: not babbling, repeating and getting off track. I think I should make that a goal of mine this year. I really need to strengthen this. I"m ok with talking... I just tend to talk too much!

So, that rocked. Which made my fight with Cogeco last night seem like less of a piss off. If I needed the analogue pack to watch the chanels I've been watching for the last 2 months, why didn't someone tell me that then, instead of teasing me then upping the charge? Because they're bastards. That's why. Oh well... I get my chanels back on Wednesday, and it's just another 20 a month... I didn't need those groceries anyways. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Moving right along... This bagle is mighty tasty. :) I'm at work right now, and I'm working on the grant app. I'm totally not going to be able to fill everything out, but that's ok. I'm hoping to finish the first draft this afternoon. The rent-roll is pretty much done. Carol never really got back to be about the maintenance survey, but I should be able to throw something together in an hour or so. the first draft of the latest bunch of hatemail is done, and... I think that's pretty much it. Everything's winding down.

Red Cross stuff is going well. The Fit for a Queen Gala is going to be a blast (whether it likes it or not...), it's just a matter of going out and getting sponsors right now. I'm taking packages to Randy @ Evolution and Manny @ Shoppers Lakeshore on Thursday night, probably right after work. I need to check the list of what has been canvased and what hasn't. Any suggestions would be worthy of hugs and cookies.

I haven't actually made cookies yet. I still need a mixing bowl.

I knew I forgot something...

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