August 20, 2007

Hard Reset!

I'm Back! I got the A/C adapter on Friday night... I just haven't really gotten around to updating. Not that I was doing anything substantial anyway...

So, there's been kind of a hard-reset on my life in the last 2 days, and not just within my computer (I'll get to that mess in a second...). My mom, dad, nan and grandad came up to visit on Thursday night. I thought they were staying longer than they were, but that's ok. It was nice just to get to see them. I got to take them on a tour of the office, which was awesome. All the girls could talk about was how young mom looked. And how hot my dad was, which was somewhat uncomfortable, though really funny.

So, the MeeperMobile is fixed. Aparently the mechanic at home misunderstood what we meant by "road worthy". We meant fix whatever problems you see, he thought we meant look at it and collect cheque. Oh well...Dad and Grandad totally came to my rescue there. They said they were amazed I hadn't been in an accident because the breaks were so bad. Which shouldn't have happened, because they were supposed to have been replaced in May. I also have all of my turn signals again! Hooray!

My cupboards are now stocked, all of my lightbulbs are now energy efficient, I have a real, non-digital clock, and an outdoor security light. I know, the red light is gone. Sad days... But I'll be replacing the flood-lights for special occasions. :)

So, everything's actually turned around. Next week, my VISA will even be paid off! I hope. It should be. I mean, I'm still pretty broke. Actually, I'm still flat broke. But at least I have food! :)

So, all is pretty much well on my end. We went to see SuperBad, which wasn't that bad at all, actually... It was longer than it needed to be, but it was pretty funny. And Adam and I watched A Scanner Darkly tonight, which was... Interesting. Kinda hard to follow, but not bad.

That's it for now. More tomorrow before poker. :)

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