June 2, 2007

For Megs

If I don't update, her life will implode, so I'm updating. I don't really have anything to update about though.

3 shifts left. Woo! Um... Got my new pants hemmed. Oh! One of the guys at work gave me his phone number. He wants me to go to the quarry with him and his entourage tomorrow. I don't know if I'll go. He's 20, and a bit arrogant. Cute, but... I'm leaving. In a week. Less. So... he's a nit wit. Ah well.

What else... I'm watching really stupid infomercials. It's 3:30am, so right now, I should be on lunch break. I'll crash in a few minutes, then I'll sleep till late tomorrow.

Um...yeah. I got nothin. Maybe I'll update again tomorrow... See what happens.

Night all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

its not that my life will implode. my job is sucking my sould...out through my nose....in the most painful way it can discover. i want to believe there are good and better things out there......(why does this sound like me six months ago, "i have to believe things get better after university"....now i want them to get better after this soul killing job.....le sigh)