May 29, 2007

Remember Me... ?

That's right, she's back.

I hate fashion and bad parents and idiots. All of them, on different occasions of course, and for different reasons, but the hate is the same.

I hate Fashion because we went to the mall tonight to buy me dress clothes for work. I need a good pair of shoes, I want some knee-high boots, I need 3 more pairs of dress pants, 1-2 more pairs of jeans, I have NO proper office-style tops, and I'd really like a pair or 4 of those capri-type pants that aren't leggings... the flowy ones like the brown pair I have, only, you know, ones that fit.

I came home with ONE pair of dress pants. I found another that I liked, but surprise surprise, they didn't have them in an 11. Most of the tops out right now are either not office appropriate, old-granny-ish or make me look like a pregnant cow. As for shoes... Well, I'm not paying $40 for something I could easily find at Walmart for $24.99 or less. We didn't go to Walmart tonight (there was a Zellers in Masonville, and I don't really like it as much), so there's still hope. I think mom and I are going to the new Hyde Park complex on the weekend. And there's talk of Whiteoaks or Westmount or something sometime this week.

It wouldn't have been that bad, really, except I'm tired and in pain. And, mildly annoyed, but that's nothing really new. So, we'll plot on and try again. Ash and I have been thinking about giving Hoodia a try... don't really know what it is, but anything to help at this point.

I ate my first double quarter pounder in a while tonight. I feel like crap now, but that's beside the point. What pissed me off was a couple who appeared to be bringing their children (2 sets, I think) on a date with them. Oh, dear god... I used to think hippie parenting wasn't such a bad thing, but now... KILLZ DEM ALLZ!!!!!!!!!! I could have bitchslapped all 6 of them and not felt badly.

And then there are idiots. Idiots that I worked with the other night. But I'm not really worked up about them now. They're just idiots. (PS Not you, Sarah, if you're reading this) (PPS, Sarah, I need an initial for you so I can seperate you from Sarah F and Sarah H.)

So, that's all. I have about a 1/2 hour left before I have to get ready, so I'm going to take a nap or... veg. Maybe Law and Order's on.

6 shifts remain.


Beatrix said...

Six shifts? You can do it!!!

And if you want to, wait until we see each other to go shopping, and you can rub my head for luck - my mother does it, and it works . . . I don't know if I should be offended or not.

In conclusion, you're fabulous, and I really am going to write a song about you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the sat before you start, you are mine, your visa is mine, and i will find you a wonderful wardrobe with the pathetic offerings of the north bay mall. it will work damnit because i am a genius when it comes to clothing anyone but myself. look at ducky, she now owns colours and likes shopping for shoes! you also do not need one of those slimmy thingies....first of all, you are gorgeous. second of all, do you want a bridget jones moment when you get naked in front of someone and you forgot you were wearing it? seriously, can we say embarassing lol! most importantly...who the hell cares what size your pants are. you are beautiful on the outside, but so are millions of others, the really important thing is that you are beautiful on the inside. you want to make a difference in this world, you care about people other than yourself, you are kind, generous and caring. these are the things people remember. your personality, your laugh, how you made them feel....those are the things that remain long after the mental picture of what you looked like fades. when you are 80, what's inside will still be with you....and the outside..well...your boobs will be down to your knees, your knees will shake, the spider viens really won't be sexy, and the bright red hair that looks awesome now...won't look so hot lol! But you will still be a beautiful person...remember that