June 6, 2007

So, that's it then?

Tonight was my last official shift at Richardson Foods.

Ever, I think.

Kinda freaked out by that. I mean, Yay for not slugging boxes any more, but... The routine, the schedule... It's gone. Kinda strange. Bittersweet. I'll miss everyone, really. Not enough to stay, mind you, but still...

And I"m leaving. St. Marys. I won't be back every summer anymore. That's kinda weird too. I'm leaving home for new home. Still not totally sure how I feel about that one.

It just hit me that it's tomorrow that I leave. For some reason, I thought I had a day in between. Kinda makes my stomach do a panicky, fluttery thing. I'm not packed. I don't even have the MeeperMobile back yet... What a mess. This came up awful fast.

So, yeah. Tomorrow I'm moving to North Bay. Ducky and I will be leaving London by... Noon? Ish. I'm not in any rush, really. But, I won't be contact-able until Friday afternoon at the earliest, assuming the Cogeco guy shows up on time.

The pressure's on, my pretties. Can't screw this one up.
See you in a few days.


Beatrix said...

Fear not. We shall have much fun on the way up, and before you know it, you'll be all excited about going back and even more uber happy about the job. *hugs*

Ginny said...

You are going to have one massive house warming party/graduation shin-dig. Yo.

Scary time, definatly, but you will succeed and surpass all expectations. You are too strong not to. :)