June 18, 2007


Why does cleaning always backfire on me? My bathroom is spotless, but that's because I took everything out of the bathroom, and it's now scattered everywhere else in the apartment. Ah, well... one room at a time, I suppose.

Tonight, I felt the need to crank up the MP3 player, and Dance like an idiot for a few hours. That's right, Sparky spent about 4 hours being a white-trash-fly-girl-wannabe, prancing and girating around my apartment. I haven't done that in a long time. Know how I can tell? Aside from the almost shocking and rather disgusting amount of sweat pouring off my body right now, and the intense dehydration I can already feel starting, it's the fact that I fogged up my windows (I had them closed so I didn't disturb the upstairs people as much) all by myself! Pretty impressive. So, this pretty much solidifies 2 thoughts in my mind. 1)I need to get in shape, and 2)I need to dance more often.

Bed time!

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