June 20, 2007


Not feelin too hot tonight, folks.

When I got home tonight, there was a dead blackbird on my doorstep. Kinda freaked me out... a lot. There were a couple of things about where it was located that just didn't sit right. So, since that, I've felt really... weird.

Work has actually been stressful. It's still fun, but I'm still learning. Damned multi-line phones. Anyways, I'm still having trouble finding my groove. Everyone's been really patient with me though, which is awesome.

I was supposed to go out tonight and pick up a few things, but I'm going tomorrow after work instead. I need a microwave, a fan, some foodstuffs, some hydrocortisone (I don't know if it's the shads or what, but I'm itchy all over), and another case of water. And I have to see if my Criminal Reference Check is done yet. If it is, I'll drop it off Friday on my lunch.

The Harry Potter Book Drive is pretty much a no go. I'm really disappointed by this, but it's not for a lack of trying: it's red tape. NUSU said that there were too many liability issues for them to support us, which I can understand... It's not like we're a community group with an established reputation, or a bank account... I can understand the need for care there. And, Northgate won't let us put up a table in the mall because we don't have insurance ($3 mill, of course). So I don't really know what's going on there right now, but if it's a no-go, I'd like to replace it with a food drive for the North Bay food bank. They're seriously OUT of food right now: they've actually had to dip into their reserve funds to buy food, and they've got all summer and fall to go yet before the Christmas boom.

Anyways, I'm going to be early tonight. I'm really tired today, and I've got Tribunal in the morning. Sleep = yummy.


Ginny said...

Just because NUSU and the mall don't agree... why would you need insuarance? I don't understand. Insurance for what?

Really, ask Coles and Gullivers if you could set up a donation box, OR a place where people an leave paid for copies of the book. Collect them, then hand them out yourselves. I mean, Gullivers is a great store, and the owners I'm sure would try and help out.

Beatrix said...

You sound like you need hugs. So, *big hugs*