June 17, 2007

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging...

And we're back! Live from North Bay, thanks to the good, if not slightly slow, people at Cogeco. Woot!

I'm pretty much settled in here! The job is fantastic, and I work with some absolutely awesome women, and I'm getting back into the groove of it all pretty easily. I'm still highly amused by some of the excuses people have for not paying rent, and the number of nosy neighbours there are out there.

In other news, I've been a bit of a hermit over the last week, because of my lack of contact with the outside world. This week will be different, I hope. I need to do some walking, mostly because we have a Pedometer Challenge at work, and I got thrown into the ranks to help the girls beat out our competitors, some of which apparently are tri-athletes. Oi. But, yeah, I'd love to really wander the city for a couple hours, see the sites, the shads... I've never been here in the summer, and I'd like to claim that I actually got a tan in Northern ON! So, I'm hoping for maybe a picnic in a part somewhere, or a walk down the waterfront... something like that. Wander the mall even! I don't like doing it alone, so I'm going to have to start recruiting.

Well, I've been recording random thoughts over the last week, so I could prove that I hadn't forgotten EpicSparky, and that I still had randomness in my life...

1) Who would had thought that open blisters the size of dimes would hurt so much? Meaghan bought me the most comfortable shoes on the market (in her opinion... They are really comfy, but...), and the blisters I got from it are rather insane. Actually, they're healing now, except somehow I got a blister IN a blister yesterday from going out with Karl and Jason. It's crazy, because we didn't really walk anywhere last night.

2)I had a thought about the woman upstairs, but now I kinda like her. She's just... well, not shy, but reserved, and I can respect that.

3) Karl gave me a crash course in poker, and now I have this wild fantasy of walking into a in a cocktail dress (about 40lbs lighter, mind you, with long, shiney waves of hair) ordering a dirty martini and revealing my hidden genious, wiping the floor with all the big shots. Fantasy can make reality suck sometimes.

4)What the hell does Hamlet performed in a Freezer have to do with fresh Hamburgers? Like, come on Wendy's...

5) Construction Paper ROCKS

6)I need a fan. I've been here a week, and it's already stuffy. And that's with the window open. Winter's going to be interesting.

7)I'm dehydrated on a subatomic level. I blame tachyons from Rygel 7. Ha Ha!

8)Why do I only want to eat when there's food in the house? Wait, I'll make that make sense... I'm not hungry when there's no food, and when there is, I feel like I have to eat it all so there's no food so I won't be hungry. Ok, so I can't make that make sense...

9)Is there a difference between reality TV (like Survivor and Big Brother), and "contest" TV (like Idol or Dancing with the Stars)? PS, I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance... I want to learn to dance like that.

10)Health Canada came out with a report that stated that for women, a waistline over 32" is "overweight". They're smoking the serious crack. Also, I may have heard that wrong, as I was half asleep. If someone could confirm that for me, that would be awesome.

11) Why isn't there an elevator or something to the top of Everest? I mean, someone must have thought of that by now... People are still risking their lives climbing that damned mountain, why not have family packs?

yeah, so... Random! Yay!

So... what else is going on? Not much. The place is still fairly clean, which is cool. I need a real vaccume though. That would be cool. And I'm going to get a few lawn chairs, turn my stretch of front yard into a patio. Picnic! yays! Oh, and I'm going to Sault Ste. Marie this weekend, with Adam, Karl and Mal. We're going to see Amanda in Pirates of Penzance. It should be good! Roadtrips rock.

So... That's pretty much it. If anyone feels like entertaining me, I'm ususally home by 5pm.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of wandering the city and going for a picnic!
... I have a retarted schedule for the next.. rest of ever though. I'll let you know. I'm seriously going to have to look at my sched.
P.s Glad you're here in the bay
<3 Sarah

Ginny said...

RE: The Waist Circumfrance (I totally spelled that wrong)

It's 34 inches as the average. Yup.


Quite an interesting read that.

Sparky said...

Thanks Ginny...

See, I just got out the tape measure. I wrapped it around the largest part of my waist (because I"m sure that's what they'd measure...), and I got 40. Not so bad, but I still think that 34 is still a little on the thin side to be a "healthy average". That could be very discouraging to a lot of people who are genetically built to be heavier.

Ginny said...

Your waist is the smallest part, not the largest. The largest are your hips. Your waist is where... you know hour-glass figures? It's where it's the smallest, where your belly button is.

Sparky said...

Oh, sorry... I know. My weight sits at my belly button. Actually, the width around that area and the hips aren't that different, measurement wise.

Anyways... I still think it's a little too lean. I'd think 40" would be a healthy target... But it depends on your height and bone density too. According to most BMI calculators, I'm "over weight"... baloney, if you ask me.