May 2, 2007


Three Biggest Cravings:
1. Cheese
2. Chips
3. pasta

Three hardest things to remember:
1. Keep moving
2. Drink more water
3. No snacking

Three Motivators:
1. I need to lose the same amount as the dog does, and she needs it more than me
2. Seeing people in June: I want to look toned-er
3. I don't own a swimsuit. I haven't in about 5 years. I need to buy one this year.

Three wishes
1. A bra that fits
2. the extra weight on my tummy moves to my flat butt
3. Sales season comes soon!

The Post Dinner Analysis:

FOUR TRISCUTS??? That's it?? Are you insane?? One Tablespoon of peanut butter for a whole apple? At least I get unlimited fruits and veggies, or I would honestly starve! How does mom do this?

I had a bowl f oatmeal for breakie, brown rice with boiled veggies for lunch, a banana, a packet of those teeny-tiny 100 cal cookie things, and then for dinner 2 thin chicken breasts, 2 servings of salad and about 15 triscuts. Add to that the apple with peanut butter (and, ok, so I overdid the peanutty goodness a bit...), and I'm having berries for snack later...

She probably had a bowl of cereal, a piece of bread with...I don't know, lettuce, and the 2 chicken breast/salad dinner. That's it.

That's insane. I mean, I used to be like that, where I ate only dinner, and maybe some popcorn later, but now... I don't know if I can go back to that. And I'm sick of water already!

And yes, for the record, I'm still hungry.

This sucks. :(


Beatrix said...

Eat well, but eat until you're satisfied. If you're still hungry, you're just going to end up frustrated and feeling miserable. You also need enough calories coming to give you the energy to exercise, work, and to keep you from ending up like I was. Urgh.

Plus, you are also a different height and body type than your mother, so if you're eating exactly the same portions she is, chances are you're not getting everything you need. Actually, if what you wrote for her intake was correct, *she's* not getting everything she needs. Good lord, how does she get through the day without falling over?

Another thing you could do is split it into six smaller meals rather than three big ones. I find that eating more often helps me to feel better and keeps my blood sugar up.

Oh, and don't sweat it about the peanut butter. The protein and iron are necessary. Just buy the low fat or better yet, get all natural. Bulk Barn FTW!

And finally, please don't stress and remember that you're fabulous through and through. We <3 you. And only do this for yourself, no one else.

Anonymous said...

Also, instead of eating triscuits (which are high in salt and thus really not good in excess amounts) eat a piece of 9 or 12 grain bread. Anything that is multigrain will fill you up faster. TONS faster. Or if you want cracker type things, have melba toast (there are lots of different kinds, the seaseme and soy are really good) with a bit of cream cheese. Less fat, less salt = better for sparky (and me!). Go to bulk barn and get a bag of unsalted almonds, if you get hungry, eat a couple (as in no more than 10). They will get your energy up. Fruit is good but remember it is high in natural sugars, so veggies are better. If you are missing chips, get a bag of the mini ricecakes. They taste like chips and they have that crunch. I think that 8 of them is a really small calorie thingy. The other thing to remember is that while what you eat and portion control are important, it is just as important that you are comfortably full. The most important thing is to get moving, a lot lol! As long as you burn off more calories than you consume, you will lose weight!

Beatrix said...

Oo! Come to London, and then we can do a walking tour of at least part of the city. That way we both get exercise, plus I get your company. You'll have to put up with me though. ;)