May 1, 2007

Sparky in the Mall...?

So, it appears that some how, between moving from Main to Gladstone and North Bay to St. Marys, something rather unsettling has happened to me...

I'm actually becoming a...girl.

Like, a real girl, not a woman. With like, the fashion and the dieting and the shoes. It's a little scary.

I'm not Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan by any means (thank fucking god...), and I'm still a little scared of colour and "style" (I barely know what to do with jeans anymore...), but Ash is helping. She should be on friggin "What Not To Wear"! She's amazing.

And, yes, I lopped off my hair today. I know there were some sad kittens over this, but it's all svexy and cropped now. There's 2 colours red, and some shots of blond. It's frickin hawt, and I'm sure you'll all like it.

Also today, I was very good... I had a coffee while the colour was setting, a bun with Tuna and a fish and chips dinner. Ok, so the fish and chips wasn't great, but I walked it off between Masonville and Hyde Park.

Know what the best part is? Ducky's soon going to know where I'm talking about! :)


Beatrix said...

I do know where that is, and that's a damn good hike. Our nearest major intersection is Huron and Highbury, so we're in roughly the same end of town. London is deceptive though - from the maps, it looks like you could get just about anywhere by walking, but I keep forgetting that everything is on a different scale than North Bay. Dammit all! I want to be able to walk from one end of town to the other in an hour! Like the time I made it from my place to Devin's in under 50 minutes :D

Seriously though, when you have the time and enough money for gas, come and see us in London. I'm lonely already and I'm not even there yet. I even promise to keep Brian locked in the bathroom if he misbehaves. Like a cat :D

Beatrix said...

WOO!! Visiting!!!

You can come over and chill in our backyard. Oh that's right, we have a YARD.

And . . .libraries, you say?