May 3, 2007

Summer Vacation?

So... I'm in.

Damn you all.

I actually may even have an idea for a stage performance geared for high schoolers... And a bizarre desire to finish Sweet Hearts, finally.

I start at Richardsons Monday at 3pm. I'm not going blind, I have "floaters", and My wisdom teeth need to come out in the next few years, or I'm going to lose the ones in front.

I have about a billion things I need to change my address on, but I don't have a home phone, so I've been using my cell.

I wore the mint green shoes today.

I feel somewhere between dancing and singing, and curling up like a cat in a window. I missed the sun today because my pupils had been dialated, so I was light sensitive. I really want to be in the sun before the wasps wake up and I can't go outside.

Limiting portions isn't working for me, so I'm unlimiting them for veggies and fruits. You can't get fat eating just vegetables (I don't think...), and as long as I get some grain and protien in there, I'm good. I drank about 3 bottles of water today. Need more of that.

I'm starting to get lonly. Only starting because I haven't been alone that much this week. Now tomorrow's friday, and I kinda want to go out to Partners. But it's not worth the 6 hour trip just for that.

Guys, when I do go back to North Bay, there had better be some massive-core partying.


Beatrix said...

Yeah, because after that final Friday, we owe ourselves hardcore. That wasn't much of a last night for anyone. And someone owes me a hug.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think we will be able to ESCAPE the partying that weekend? LOL there will be massive partying, as usual

Beatrix said...

I say we all chip in and rent a room so we have more space. And who's volunteering to pick up Devin? That kid owes us. ;) (I kid. . . about the owing anyway.)

I propose we go through with our plan to become pirates, and just drive to Hilton and kidnap him. All we need is a burlap sack and zip ties. He'd like it - hell, he might not even put up a fight. (And on the very unlikely chance that he'll see this . . .yeah, we weren't actually planning Larkin's kidnapping, it was yours. Surprise!) We'll kidnap Sarah and Megs along the way.

This world needs more roving bandits, Lacey. If we don't go ahead with this plan, we're doing the world a disservice. And . . .well, I just don't think I could live with myself if that were the case.

Oh dear god, I'm losing my mind. . . make the time go faster!!

Ginny said...

I just want to say that I've never been kidnapped before, and I think it would be an educational experience.

And a weekend to get good and liquored in North Bay is always a fun time in my books.

Can we get dressed up as pirates?

Lacey, the hardest part about diets is the food. lol, makes sense, right? Fruits and veggies are good, eat all you wan, but prepare for some bowl... stuff. And definatly do not forget the other fod groups! Oh! And come Monday, the factory will be your workout. :)