May 9, 2007

The Gameplan

H'Ok, so the chance of me coming back to North Bay for permanent has risen from about 25% to an exciting 50%! Aparently the position (my job) has been aproved, they're just waiting to see if they got enough spots to implement my position. I'll know by the end of next week.

I'm still counting shifts in dollar signs, and I've actually got about half of a half-assed plan for the summer going on. If I don't go back, I won't need the plan, because all of my current debts (except OSAP, of course...) will be repaid. I'll be homicidal, but that's beside the point (if I stay, I have overtime almost every weekend from June 7th to August whenever-I-leave). If I do go, however, I"m taking a fairly big pay cut, and my rent will go back up to the full $400. So, by my calculations, here's the plan (note: I'm low-balling these figures. I'm counting each shift as 7 hours, instead of 7.5, calling $12.11 a flat $12 and not counting May 2-4 holiday pay. I figure this will account for tax and CPP that comes straight off my pay):

PHASE 1 - Pay off VISA: approx. $525 (3 more shifts, and this will be done)

PHASE 2 - put $1000 on my line of credit as emergency/intrest payment money (to be completed by June 1)

PHASE 3 - Find night/weekend employment to cover cost o' living/fun money

PHASE 4 -Pay off balance of credit line (using the figures I was given: to be completed by the end of August)

PHASE 5 - Future Planning
--keep night/weekend job for living/fun expenses
--open Savings Only account
--flip at least $10/week into that account to save for trips, car expenses, etc. and to start building money to do things like, oh, I don't know... paying back my rediculous student loans?

Somewhere between Phases 4&5, I should be getting OSAP again this year. I'll use that to top off any remaining debt, pay 1-2 months rent, and depending on how much I get, start off the Savings Only account with $100. The rest will go to mom, of course, who squirrels it away so I can't touch it until OSAP starts sending me threatening letters.

*sigh* I like having plans like this. Thinking about it tonight on the line had me so gleeful I damned near tap-danced to the car at 11:15pm! In the rain!

I started going to Curves again! I've gone twice this week, so if I go in on Friday that will be my 3 for this week. And I'll probably go in almost every day next week after work (depending on who's working that night... I can only go in when certain people are there, or I have to pay...)

I miss everybody a lot. I've been thinking about SoS, and Improv events and movie nights. I keep thinking "Ok, we'll run Gamerz and Reduced Shakespeare and... oh, those were Ducky's. Hmm..."

Come to London soon, lovie, I miss you! I saw a silverfish in the bathroom tonight, and thought of you!

...I'm still not sure if that's a good thing.


Beatrix said...

Well if you have a silverfish, you have to name it. The one Larkin and I had was named Fred. Then we noticed that we no longer had one, but a small herd of them, so 'Fred' probably wasn't the right name.

I miss you too.

Hey, wait, if you move back to the Bay this summer . . . .who am I going to hang out with? *sniffle*

Sparky said...

Dude, I'll have a vehicle. I'll just have to take many road trips. And bring many people with me.