May 18, 2007

Friday: Word...

Definatly probably.


Ok, so I called today because I hadn't heard, and Tracy wasn't there, so I talked to Ruth who is in charge of the maintnence spots and, therefore, the go-between for YES Employment. She said that they hadn't heard yet. Boo.

So I asked her what I should be telling my boss here, and she said historically, YES has never denied them a spot when they've asked for it. So, it's pretty much a go.

It just hasn't been confirmed yet.

I will know for sure on Tuesday.

That's the update for now. So, it's looking like a tentative yes.

Great, now I have my hopes up higher. It's gonna crush me if they do say no. But... I'm going to the cottage. And I'm going to try not to panic.

In other news, Ash and mom bought me a salt&pepper shaker and coffee mug to match my "that's a CAT!" teapot and mug. Woots!


Beatrix said...

*sends good vibes and happy thoughts*

tiger girl said...

Super happy yay hooray! That IS a cat!