May 17, 2007

Thursday: Nothing

Not even a phone call. I'm a little panicked right now, as my supervisor asked me today if I'd heard. She knows because she has to replace me on the overtime schedule if I do leave. If I don't, she might try and flip me some more weekend shifts.

I just want to know, one way or another. I can't make plans right now. I can't think more than a couple of days (really...) in advance. I hate that.

Work sucks. I'm exhausted, but because I get my "second wind" at about 8pm, I can't sleep at night. Going to bed at midnight and waking up at 5am just doesn't work. I had to jog in place from 8-9am this morning to keep myself awake. People thought I was crazy. Or, really had to pee.

I got my new night guard today. It's this piece of rubbery plastic that is molded to my bottom teeth to stop me from grinding at night. It feels really weird. Kinda like a mouth guard for hockey or something, but more secure. I have to pry this thing off. I run it under hot water for a minute or two to soften it to be able to put it over my teeth at all. It's not all that uncomfortable, and it's clear, so it's not that ugly, really. It's just...weird. I'm kinda hoping the results are better then just stopping the grinding... It's supposed to stop my headaches too. Maybe for once I'll get to have a day without a headache! :)

Tomorrow after work, I'm going to the cottage with mom. If I hear anything, I'll probably post here. If there's nothing here by Friday at 5pm, that means either I haven't heard anything, or I've heard and I didn't get it, and I'm too upset to post. Really, I think I'll be upset. I'm preparing myself for that. I hate wanting this so badly, because I know how much it's going to hurt.

Anyways, off to bed with me.

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