April 4, 2007


I feel like a monkey. A monkey that's past it's prime. This time, I know exactly why, too, which is nice. Though, not necessarily so, since it wasn't caused by Alcohol or anything really rewarding.

...like alcohol.

Exams are eating my life right now. But, overall, I think I'm doing ok. The interviewing exam yesterday kinda threw me, because I went for "the shotgun approach". Meaning, she asked us what a question, and I wrote down everything I knew about the question to make sure I covered it all. I still felt like I didn't, though. What should have been 4 pages of short answers turned into 8 pages of freaking out... Which, made me kinda nostalgic for Nip English Exams...

The exam today was a friggin joke. 26 questions, 30 marks total Multiple choice worth 30% of our final grade. Most people were done in less than 15 minutes. double-you... tea... eff..., yo. Not even cool. But I think I did ok. And we got our presentation marks back, which was cool: Lisa and I got 13/15! Rock on!

But now... Now I feel... murARG!!!.... I had my interview at the NBDHC today. Holy overwhelmed. I didn't babble (much), but we talked for almost 2 hours! SOOOOO much stuff! I feel like I'm in over my head: like it's too much to learn in 9 days.

I don't know what's happened over the last week, but my nerves are shot. I've started having panic attacks again (2 monday, 1 yesterday... Today I was too tired to care). My neck is buggered, my back is killing me, and I can't stop shaking. I feel like if I stop moving, I'll just collapse in a heap. Not like I have much time to stop moving.

Today, now that I'm home, and it's only just after 2, I've got a couple of things I need to accomplish.

1)Eat. Yeah, that's finally made it to the to-do list...
2)Nap. This one's out on necessity at this point... But I need to be up by 6pm
3)Pack to go home. Havent' done that yet. Leave tomorrow right after my exam. Yeah.
4)Study for Law. I'm not too-too worried about placement, because it's going to be dead simple. Law is... Well, it's a lot to cover. And NO, Shaun, I'm not studying with you again. We're a bad influence on each other when it comes to random tangents. ;)
5)Take stuff down off the walls and prep pictures/trinkets for "The Move". I haven't heard from Laura yet (I'm calling her again tonight... I don't think her son's actually giving her my messages...) But I'm hoping to get the keys in the middle of next week so I can slowly start moving stuff over.
6)Drop in to the last Rez bash. I need to chill with good people. And those people? they're good people. Especially when Sarah's cooking.

Which reminds me: I'm hungry. Gonna go eat now, and maybe do dishes. It's not on the list, but I'm sure it's appreciated. :)

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Tiger! said...

Yay for having busy lives. It keeps us from breaking down completely.

And yay for you kicking the ass of your exams. <3