April 2, 2007



I hate having 2 exams in one day. It's just not worth the stress on my system: the panic attacks, the shaking and the over-all freaking out.

Especially when there's absolutly NOTHING to freak out about. Those were 2 freakin Easy exams, lemme tell ya. The first, SW and the Family, was 40 True False, 10 Multiple Choice and 2 short answer (one of which was "What struck you the most about this course? (5 marks)). The Second, Sociology, was the one that had me really panicked...even though I did actually study for it; not saying I didn't study for the other, but I studied for Soc More. Anyways, I expected fires of hell on this one, and I got all Multiple Choice: 60 questions that were WORD FOR WORD from our 3 other tests that I had studied before we went in (Bonus!!), and 40 questions that weren't horrible, but were a bit more challenging, from the chapter we just completed.


So, as for the rest of today, I'm going to take a nap (yays!!), then dishes, then I'm going to study for what might be the most difficult exam I have: Interviewing. The material's not hard to cover, it's just that it's all short answer, and she expects detail.

I *heart* college...

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