April 1, 2007

April 1!!

Thirty days till I turn 23!! Woot!

Anyhow, yes, the previous post was supposed to be an April fools joke, but I'm a horrible prankster, mostly because I worry about frightened relatives hopping in the truck and driving 6 hours to find out I'm fine, then proceeding to kill me.

Today, we ate Jeremiah the Turkey, and he was delicious! Oh, lord, I haven't seen that much food in AGES. Aside from the 50lb Jeremiah (named for the "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" song we were singing along to when we picked him up from No Frills) there were beans, asparagus and carrots from me, 2 pasta salads, chips, crackers, dip, broccoli bake, potatoes, gravy, cranberries, stuffing, buns with parmesan... Holy freaking Yum. Then there was apple pie, strawberry pie, carrot cake, banana cake, chocolate cake, cheesecake... *drools* And Wine! Yay! I might have to actually start stocking cheap wine in my house next year, since I've found a couple of good cheap ones now. One was Two Oceans, a South African Sauvignon Blanc (white): Jason and I had split a bottle in Toronto. One is the Classic Wild Vines: I prefer raspberry, but I haven't yet tried the blueberry or peach varieties. And tonight, I had the pleasure once again of drinking "Cat's pee on a Gooseberry Bush". Awesome name, decent wine. And some nights, nothing beats a nice glass of wine. White, perferably, I can't drink red. Blush is questionable...

Moving on, yes, dinner was amazing. So. Much. Food. I'll be eating leftovers for the next few days at least, and I'm still working on that lasagna... Yuuuuuum... At least I won't starve! :)

So, I had mentioned a few things in my last post, and I'll cover them here, since I'm procrastinating...

1)Phantom of the Opera: amazing. Like, really good. There were some things that kinda disappointed me (the chandelier dropped a lot slower than I remembered, but that's more than likely a safety thing...) but all in all, I was impressed. Oh, lord, if we only had the budget... we spent the 20 minutes before the show started dreaming of curtains that move up and down, or at least open and close (*grumble*), and rotating gobos, and flys... oh, god, the gels... Trap-friggin-doors!!!! And I wasn't the only one: do you know how many people have requested pyrotechnics for our next show? People, seriously, we're not even a LITTLE insured for that!!! And It would end badly, like the plan for blowing up Lake Nipissing with magnesium (which, by the by, I think was supposed to be manganese...)

2) I'm Exec. That's right, I'm leaping back into a position of some moderate authority, and taking on VP Fundraising for 2007/08. What this means is that I'm going to be working on, well, obviously fundraising. I want to re-vamp the position a bit: leap on things sooner, do more stuff, get people involved, you know, that jazz. I want to do something new and different. We'll see what actually comes up.

Aparently, to go with that, SoS managed to singe a few bridges this year. I'd like to work on repairing those. And I'd like to take on part of V-Day's mandate: everyone who shows intrest MUST be given the oppertunity to get involved in the shows. Everyone who signs up will be harassed by me more than once about fundraising, even if it's just to come out and show support.

3)Placement. I talked to Tracy, my placement supervisor, on... Thursday, I think it was. She told me that we're going to be traveling, working with lots of people, and I may even be learning some french on the fly! Rock on. I'm all over it! I'm even going to possibly be able to observe some sessions between her, other staff and clients, which is a big deal. I go for my interview on Wednesday.

4) Exam Schedule. Finally got it on Wednesday. Not at all impressed with the timing on that one... But here it is.

Tomorrow: Social Work and the Family, and SOC. GAH. The two exams I really need to rock out on, both on the same day. Hate, Hate, Hate. Oh, well, it gets them over with. (P.S: I thought native policies was on monday, so I've been studying for THAT, and not Soc. Hate even more...)

Tuesday: Native Policies. Grrrr...

Wednesday: Interviewing. It's gonna be HUGE.

Thursday: Law (friggin easy...) and Placement (friggin easier), which is nice, because I"m hoping to be on the road and heading for home by 3pm on Thursday.

Now I'm going to go study until I fall asleep. Or die. One or the other.


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Ginny said...

Yes, Two Oceans is a good cheap wine. Also, Cat's Pee is nice... and from New Zealand!

I also reccomend Billy Goat Hill or Four Emus - both Australian - as well as Frisky Zebra (South Africa).

Stay away from the Kangaroo (Australia) line. It's popular, but really not that good.

Good luck with placement!