April 1, 2007


i only have a few minutes...

I'm postring right now from the waitingf room of North Bay general withb my laptop. this morning, sshortly after talking to my mother, I started... vommiting blood. like, lots. they're not sure what it is,maybe a ulcer but they're admitting me. ive emailed my profs, because I won't be able to do exams. They've given me some lidocane to dull the pain, but i'm stillkinda freakin out UI can'y loses this year

thay're taking me to admitting noew I have to go i'll post more later


Ginny said...

Lacey, dear, I heart you dearly, but that is a horrible prank.

When pulling a prank, make sure your msn name doesn't contradict/give away your prank. ;)

Have fun at the pot luck! :D

Sparky said...

Haha! I know... I left it like that because I didn't want mom or Nan to panic.

But, yes... Happy April Fools All!