March 5, 2007


Ok, so I don't really have a lot to say right now. I'm not really in the mood for talking/rehashing. That doesn't mean that things didn't go well, they really, really did. I'm just not feeling talkative at the moment. I'm saving my strength for the show tonight.

Anyways, so the rides home and back were good. Being home was good. It was way too short though. One day really wasn't enough.

I got to wander around Yorkdale a bit. What a bizarre experiance! It was like a climate-controled haven for young people with wads of cash (or lots of plastic). It was kinda surreal. Like, being lost in New York or something. I mean, they had a Pottery Barn for Kids, for goodness sake... talk about excess!

And I got to go to a Starbucks for the first time. I felt so... Well, out of place for one. But that was probably more because I wasn't wearing a $300000000000 coat, and I was carrying my duffle bag over my shoulder. But still, it felt classy. That's right, me = Classy, if only for a few minutes.

But now, the week of crushing pain begins. Last week was Hell Week. This week, being the prep-time before the massive torrential hurricane of crap, is what I'm calling Crushing Pain Week. Most of our assignments are due Monday, and then there are tests and the like. And presentations. And with the shows coming up, I can't just put things off this time.

Today is kind of a write off, because of the show. I could have got up at a stupid hour of the morning, but I decided against... partly because I forgot my Snowy Bear at home, and with my parents gone to the Dominican, there's no one to put him in the mail for me. So I was a little depressed about that (read: I might be grouchy for the next couple of days). Tomorrow I have rehearsal at night, but I'm hoping to uncover a copy of Prince of Tides from the Media Centre or the Library and hopefully watch that again to finish that assignment. Then Wednesday will be spent hopefully learning lines and working on Native Policies, Thursday again learning lines and working on Soc. and hopefully part of the Community Placement thing (do something nice for your self, and pay it forward to someone else... What the hell? who has time for that???).

Other than that, I don't really have much to say right now. I'm sure that will have changed by tomorrow.


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