February 27, 2007


Tomorrow is opening night for the Vagina Monologues!

The stage is set, the monologue is memorized, the chocolate vaginas are ready, and the girls have been instructed not to sell a ticket to anyone who can't say the word Vagina.

And I've gotten 2 parking tickets in the last week. One with a Tow Notice.

Ok, so the two aren't related, but this is things that I don't need right now. STRESS. I asked them if I can switch lots to one, you know, closer to the building, and the best they can do is lot 5, which means I'll not be going down the icy stairs. But, Lot 7, where I've been parking for the last 2 months without anyone saying anything, is empty when I get there at 8:30am, and empty again by the time I leave at 5:30. I don't understand why I can't park there.

It just pisses me off. That's all.

Anyways, I'm nervous about the show. I mean, I've never actually done the whole monologue for an audience, and I've only done it into a Mic ONCE. Hopefully I'll get chance to run it again 4-500 more times before 7pm tomorrow... Plus I already know we're playing to a full house.

I'm off to bed. I might not post tomorrow, because I"m going straight from the show, dropping off one of my chocolate vagina sales peoples, then going back up to rehearsal.



Beatrix said...

Let me know when you need me on Monday, and I'll be there. As long as I get to sneak in and see the show. ;)

fineskylark said...

Break a leg! You, and Caitlin, and all of the other pro-vagina people will be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

you guys were all fabulous! you really were!