March 11, 2007

Sick... mind or body?

I think I need to calm down.

I still have about 2 workable hours left in the night... that's lots of time to do a point form essay on Prince of Tides. The Native Policies thing is up in the air, but it's only 15 marks (15% of the final though).

I spent the last 15 minutes staring blankly at my computer screen convincing myself that there's no point... the fact that I accomplished nothing this reading week except being increadably sick, sore and at the point of just Giving Trina my part in the show (she took my spot today because I can't... well, do anything), had me convinced that it was all over. That my GPA has fallen beyond repair, and that I should just go back to bed and forget it.

Then I realized that a) 4.0 extends from 80% and up... that's 20% to play with... and b)it's frickin college. Who Cares? I've taken worse penatlies on papers in University and still survived. It wasn't fun, but it got done.

But, tomorrow's still going to suck. I have GOT to clean up. I have to write my Evaluating Info test at 11:30, but then I'm coming home for the day... Hell with Native policies, I'll give Lisa what I have in Eval tomorrow. Truth be told, I need a week off. No plays, no rehearsals, no papers.

I'm almost there. Just another week... right?

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Ginny said...

I hope you feel better soon.

God speed with the assignments too.