March 21, 2007


I did a major clean-up of my gmail account today. I can't believe the amount of crap I keep! I had Vagina Monologue Audition emails from 2 years ago, and SoS stuff from god knows when... I scare myself sometimes in my pack-rat-ish-ness. It could also be that it's spring, and I'm in the mood to gut my life; clear out all the crap and start over.

In any case, the reason I post this is because, as I was looking over these old emails, I realized that I have "unfinished Business". Remember Com Org? Well, no one ever got back to me whether thank-yous were put in the Nugget or not. And I still have thank you cards here that need mailing. I almost wonder if I shouldn't send an email asking whether anything's been done... some people only donated because the thought they'd be publically thanked. And I never got responses back about which (for example) M&M meats donations were gathered from... So, how do I mail that out? one to each? I don't know... I mean, I only just last week got a letter from LIPI regarding the stuff we donated before Christmas, so it's not too-too late... I just don't know what to do next.


Anyways... I need a nap. So I'm going to nap. Why? Because of what may be the most beautiful phrase in the history of the english language...


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