March 19, 2007

Winner is...


That, ladies and gentlemen, is MY front door! And Colleen's shoes... I think this is a sign of things to come...

This is MY kitchen. Look through the window... Doesn't the MeeperMobile look happy sitting in the driveway? The bathroom. Sorry guys, short people only in there... The shower is the plastic thing, and there's a counter with a sink on the other side of it. There may also, eventually, be a shelving unit in there... we'll see how things go.

This is the actual size of the living/bedroom. Thats right people... you're walking off the street and into my bedroom! Hawt. Oh, and the woman in the corner? That's my landlady! She's teh awesome!I have the best kitchen ever!

For reference sake, it is exactly 6 feet from floor to cieling. If you're any taller, you're probably going to wind up with a sore neck. Or a lump on your head. The bathroom is about 5'7"... learn to duck!

Mom and Dad are already making "plans" for the place... Dad's going security crazy, talking about chain locks and bars on the windows or something... And Mom dug out all of her House&Home Small Space issues, and is planning a painting weekend. She has lists of things that I'll need. I'm excited! I'm picturing it with my stuff in it, and that makes me very happy!

Now, I'm off. I've got things to do, and just enough motivation to maybe do some of them!


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Tabetha said...

congrats on the place :) It looks cute! And it's all your own! YAY!