March 12, 2007

Day 1 of Academic Debt...

I figure, I should start looking at it like debt. The longer I'm in it, the bigger the problem.

So, this is my first official day of being Academically Screwed. I'm not quite done the Native Policies paper, but then again, I don't think Lisa did anything on it, and she has most of the research, so that's ok, I think. I'm going to leave it and work on it more tomorrow before rehearsal. I'm going to start working on the Prince of Tides thing now. I'm hoping that I can keep everything at a Managable, 1-2 days overdue, rather than a Shaun-like, hit-or-miss 3 weeks overdue.

I'm not technically even screwed yet. I still have a fair chunk of time to play with (no, not really...). I have at least one more major assignment in every class, so there's a bit of breathing room there, so I should be ok, really. I know I just have to, in Mike's words: "...kick this thing... Kick it right in the ass!" But energy is still lacking.

Tomorrow will be my first day back to class in over a week (March Break, luckily), and my first time seeing the IoBE people since Saturday's fiasco. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to either. I can't skip Soc tomorrow, because I don't have any days left to miss. I will go to law after that, and I will definatly go to Interviewing... Oh dear god, Thursday can't come fast enough...I get the feeling that that will be the day I finally get completely caught up.

Off to homework now... Prince of Tides. I'll leave the Soc paper until tomorrow night.

I need a vacation.

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Ginny said...

You can do it! Have faith, this too will pass. You have a lot of usable hours... it's stressing over it that causes the worst.

Good luck, and keep chugging along.