March 13, 2007

Frogs next, right?

So, I've officially figured out why I keep getting sick at this time of year.

Students on Stage.

It's the only common explanation. This is some devine power's way of punishing me for my continuing involvement in this poor little theatre troupe. I'm not saying that Students on Stage is all bad; not at all... I'm saying that SoS + Me = Bad. It's not fun anymore. It's not enjoyable. I don't want to go to rehearsals anymore, I don't want to be in the show anymore. I don't even like Oscar Wilde (honestly, I'm not sure I ever did...).

But One More Week, and it will all be over. No more rehearsals, no more Lady Bracknell, no more SoS.

I'm not going to say that I won't be part of it next year, because every time I say that, I somehow get myself involved. I'm hoping that placement next year will activly prevent me from being a part of it. I'm just saying that I'm soooo sick and tired of this show that I want to hurt it physically.

Not Karl, because I love Karl. And not the other actors, because I love them too. Just the show. And maybe Derrik. That kid should never sing.

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