March 8, 2007

can't get much worse...

So, I'm super, horrendously sick. I'm not at all happy. I feel like dying. My head and my body still ache, and the pharmasist (a very nice Irish man) told me to take Buckleys (ew ew eeeew...) and dristan (which burns up the nose...) and advil and my inhaler. But I'm not going to be good by Sunday. And I'm really really really REALLY freaking out.

About other things. Like school work and apartment hunting and school work and placement. Honestly, I don't know what to think about the show, except "I'm fucked". Which is pretty much true.

I skipped out on rehearsal tonight. I told Colleen and Trina that I probably wouldn't be there, and I wasn't, so hopefully they passed the message on. So I'm going to bed now. I've got a pile of work to do tomorrow, and all day rehearsal on Saturday, then show Sunday...

Make it stop!

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Ginny said...

I hope you feel better soon. Sorry I didn't say so yesterday, but I had less than a moinute to get back to a tutoring workshop that I had to attend.

Feel better sooooon!