February 18, 2007

Cabin Fever

Oh, god... I think the winter's getting to me.

Mom and Dad are going to the Dominican for my reading week. And that's ok. I'm too busy to go anyways. Besides, I don't want to go to the Dominican.

I want to go to Myrtle Beach.

I can almost smell it... the salt, the sand, the "palm tree" things. The lights of the crappy little souvenir shops.

Cracker Barrel.

I want it so badly, I can almost taste it. I am almost willing to MapQuest it, and actually attempt to drive in the States. (Yes, I realize that the MeeperMobile wouldn't last 10 minutes on the I-80, or whatever it is...)

Just the feeling of getting to Tennessee, getting out of the Van and stripping off your coat and sweater in favor of cooler pajamas. (we left St. Marys at about 4am the morning we started out, so we spent most of the trip in Pajamas). The wierd nostalgic tingle of going through the tunnels. Hearing mom yell out the name of each state as we crossed the line...

Grocery Stores that sold Beer!!

Oh, god, how I want to go.

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Teddy said...

Although I'm excited about going to the Dominican, I would trade it in to go to Mrytle Beach with you kids the way we used to. I know the feeling I can smell it too. Some day we will make the trip again the 4 of us, Or maybe by then it will be 6 of us. If not you can do it with your family someday. I'm glad we were able to give you such a good memory, that will always be with you.