January 12, 2007


So, I'm pretty sure I should really be lying down. I've had an icky fever since I woke up this morning, and the Tylenol hasn't kicked in yet. But before I lie down, I'd like to let you all in on something:

There are exactly 2 times where my mind works at it's clearest and purest: when I'm a passenger in a vehicle, and when I'm running warm. Here are a couple of the things that entered my head while I was standing in line at school, waiting for OSAP, or walking to my car.

1)I saw this little "mini-waterfall" under the steps leading up to Lot 10 (where I now park). I realized that that water, running over rocks, is slowly grinding down a fine path in the earth. The water is buffing away loose dirt and stone. It is literally carving a path in the earth. What struck me about this is that it's January 12. There should be no melt, no running water. This means that if current weather trends continue, the excess melt, runoff and other drainage, will eventually carve cracks into the planet's surface. Even the standing water is slowly softening the world's surface. It was so beautiful I wanted to cry.

2) the other night, a part of my physical person was absorbed into the body of another physical person, and a part of him became a part of me in the same way. It's the most bizarre thing ever to think about, and even to talk about... but it's increadably reassuring to know that there's now a person out there who carries a part of me in him at all times. It's this strange... platonic yet not connection. Like, it's not a relationship in conventional terms... there's nothing physical going on, nothing sexual at all... but there's a really weird intimacy about it. I like it... but I think it's a bit overwhelming.... I haven't totally processed the implications of this kind of connection. A tiny part of me wants to think that this will probably blow up in my face... but I really don't want it to.

3) I love the word Fatalistic.

And now I'm going to go curl up into a little ball for an hour or two.


Beatrix said...

Fortunately for Mike, September is not is season right now, and is both very difficult to find and very expensive. So he should be safe.

Colleen said...

Yay waterfalls. That makes me very happy, just hearing about it.