January 13, 2007


We're in Victorian dress... sort of... but the set up is like something out of the '70's. there's tupperware and plastics and lightbulbs.

Anyways, we're doing something... a group of us. Some people don't want us to be doing these things. Somehow, we end up with an office under a house. a Rich person's house. And the people who don't want us there don't know about it, but some people want us there, and they bring us tables, tupperware and paintings for the wall. We start inviting people in, because it's cold outside. Mostly people who have no where else to go. It's a nice place... There is a washroom, it's comfortable...

I start thinking about how easy it would be to just open the whole place up as a place for pepole who have no where else to go... Where they can come and be happy. There's something else going on... it's important, but I don't remember what it was.

It had to do with an old man... A medical test, and they ask him 3 questions. I can't remember the first one, but it has something to do with... it was easy. The second one was how does Dorothy go back to Oz (which is a lie, because it's how she got home...), and all he can say is "it's magic..." he mutters on about something having to do with magic. The third question didn't make any sense, but there are three pictures up on this old projector... like in the old slient movies... just a little screen... one of the pictures is Dorothy, as a doll, but she falls over. And this is how they judge his sanity.

Then, the woman who lives upstairs comes down and tells us that she needs a nurse. One of the people who is downstairs with us comes with me, and the old woman and her husband are there...The husband is the old man from the test. Something about he's dying, and I almost want him to, so we can have the whole house, and not just some little room under it. Anyways, she said, she bit the beesting out of him, and he should be fine, but they're both not... there were... there was something else. Something about me sitting downstairs with homeless people and thinking about tic baths.

Why are they so Vivid?? Why are my dreams like movies or TV shows that I can see clearly? they progress and make sense, I can remember them in vivid detail (what I can remember)...

I want to dream more...

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