January 31, 2007

Attention Vagina Lovers!

I will be acting/presenting a monologue in Nipissing U/Canadore C's presentation of "The Vagina Monologues" on Feb. 28 and March 5 @ The Wall!!

My Monologue is "The Angry Vagina", and it's farking hilarious! I'm really looking forward to it.

In other News...
I've been feeling kinda down lately (I know, mom, you hate reading about me feeling down...;) )But I think it's just the season. Really, things haven't been going that badly. I haven't been sleeping well, but I never do, so it's not really that terrible. I think what's been getting me down recently is my weight. I've kinda packed it on in the last month or two. Too much beer, probably, but since I'm not quite willing to give that up (yet...) I'm looking into other options. First and foremost is going to be a major re-focus on vegetables. I've been ok, but I need to kinda work at it. I mean, at least now I'm eating soup at the caf instead of pizza (most of the time), and to be honest, the soup's more filling... Actually, I found a really simple recipie for Vegan Potato Leek and Pea soup which I might try out... In any case, yes... more veggies, less processed crap. And more water. I think that might be part of the issue too.

VM goes up in a month, and tIoBE shortly after that (like, a week!!), and I want to look my best. That, and, you know, I want to look my best anyways... you never know who's looking. But, yeah.

So, it's 11:30. Trying to go to bed earlier has become futile, because rehearsals don't get out until 11pm, and after talking to Karl (who agrees that 11pm is kinda late), we discovered that there's really nothing we can do about that. So, I'm just going to have to work through it. I'm really going to start trying to not be late for class anymore... I'm starting to get a reputation for it.

Tomorrow's game plan, in case anyone was wondering:
1) Finish Evaluating Information assignment
2) study for Sociology Test
3) work on Sociology Assignmnet
4) work on Assignment for Placement
5) memorize lines for tIoBE, or at least run through them a bit
6) look over VM monologue
7) Finish and mail letters to pen pals from ZetaChannel
8)Interviewing with Jude James
9)Scoreboard with Karl
10)Rehearsal... again.

Wow... that's a lot more than I thought it was. But, that's ok. I'll manage. I hope.
I think I'm going to take some time now and clean up a bit. Even just cleaning off my "get-prettied-up" stand the other day made me feel better. So, tonight I think I'm going to focus on the area around my desk. The laundry situation is going to have to wait until the weekend I think. Which is ok, I guess.


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