December 1, 2006

Official Statement on the Events of Dec. 1/06:

Dear Readers:

This morning, I recieved a letter via registered mail from CSRC, stating that my employment as an Office Assistant at the NUSU/CSRC office has been terminated due to lateness. Though I have been given one week's notice, the letter states that I will be "paid in leiu of notice", or that I will be paid for said week, but that I am not to show up for my shifts.

Obviously, I'm rather upset by this information. Not because I don't feel I deserved to be fired: I was late on several occasions, but rather because I am dissappointed in myself for letting things get this bad. I am also rather concerned about the timing of my dismissal, and some of circumstances surrounding that. As a matter of personal security, I don't really want to post those circumstances here, however, I'm sure most of you know what has been going on.

Several people have suggested that I fight this. At this time, I do not feel financially, physically or emotionally equipt to really press the issue. I will be approaching my former employer on Monday morning to ask that my reason for dismissal be changed from "terminated" to "end of contract", or even "conflict of intrests" as the dismissal had nothing to do with my job performance, and the fact that I really didn't allow my political views to colour how I conducted myself in the office. I was not incompetant, and I came in almost half an hour early for all of my other shifts. I do hope that she will be understanding enough to make that change, which will make searching for a new job a bit easier. Everyone has at least one blemish on their employment record, I hope to make mine a little less offensive.

The above is my official statement that I was, in fact, removed from my position at NUSU/CSRC, and at this time, I am NOT seeking legal council, nor will I be fighting this within the corperation, only that I will be making requests that my reason for termination be changed.

Following this, I spoke with my landlord/roomate. He informed me that, due to the poor condition of the house, and rising expenses, he will unable to have tenants past May of 2007. This means that I am now also apartment hunting for next year. I would like to live on my own, and have looked into avenues there, but I am also concidering certain people as roomates. However, before I make a decision, I would like to hear from people within North Bay who can tell me what to expect cost-wise, so I know how much overtime I have to work this summer (hooray for the mayo factory...). I am currently paying less than $400 a month, heat and hydro included, laundry on-site, smoking, pets. I know that this is a really, really freakin sweet deal, and that there's no way I'm going to find anything in town comparable to that. So I'm looking for rough numbers from people: what should I be expecting for rent, heat, hydro? What are some good cable/phone/internet deals out there? Are there decent apartments in secure buildings that I'm not aware of that don't already have wait-lists?

Specifically, if people would like to keep their ears open for me, this is what I'm looking for:
-secure building
-no more than one roomate
-month-to-month lease (I will be on placement next year, and I don't know if I'll be staying in North Bay or not)
I don't care about pets, laundry or any of that... just so long as the rent is fairly low, and there aren't vermin... or at least, the vermin are controlable or friendly.

I will be hunting the student-housing sites, as well as the job-hunting sites, in January.
Anyone aware of people hiring after Christmas (I'm going home on the 16th and starting work on the 18th), looking for people after 5pm and/or weekends, please let me know, as my OSAP got re-evaluated, so I will likely be getting significantly less than was expected, and I'll really need a job asap after the holidays.

So, that's everything you need to know so far. If anything else comes up, I'll let you know. In the mean time, enjoy the snow! It's pretty!

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Beatrix said...

I won't lie to you - the housing situation in North Bay sucks moose balls. For a one-bedroom apartment, you are looking at aprx. $600/ month + utilities, and aprx. $800/ month + utilities for a two bedroom, and that's right now; it will go up next year. Month-to-month leases are almost non-existant, and are also bad news, since you can get booted out without notice, and then you're buggered. I'd say try off-campus housing via the Nipissing site and check out the places that prefer eddie students; they are typically a bit cheaper, and the landlords are looking for someone they know will be away part of the year - ie: you on placement. They are also usually quiet and you can have the place to yourself,which is +++. I don't know what Sarah's plans are, but maybe Miss Larkin will be looking for a new roomie next year? I dunno. I'll be here for at least part of the summer, so I can let you know if I find anything. Anything I can do to help, lemme know! Even if it's just having you over for ice cream and Titus or something.... :D