November 30, 2006

Melons and Collies.

People make me sad. Well, that's not true. Person makes me sad. Specifically, oblivious person. I throw myself at him, and he asks me if I'm a lesbian. Am I being too subtle? Am I being too forward, and I've intimidated him? I do have, like, a +15 to Intimidate (men). Is he just playing dumb in hope that I'll leave him alone? *sigh*

I want to give up, I really, really do... but I just CAN"T. It really, really sucks. Especially since I'm reasonably sure that he was, in fact, just using me to get his homework done ... I seem to have a thing for lost causes. Which, I suppose, is a good thing. It saves me from finding a real, honest-to-god relationship, which would eat up the majority of my time. So, in reality, This healthy crush and uncomfortable...discomfort is really better for me than any relationship I could, or have, possibly ever conjured up.


Cheers then!

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