November 30, 2006

Homicide/Genocide, aka Done pt 2

Is it still genocide if I want the entire human race distroyed? I don't want to blow up the planet, as I have nothing against animals. In fact, their chain of survival works better: the weak and stupid get killed off rightfully, rather than patched up by cracker-box doctors to continue being weak and stupid and poluting the gene pool.

NUSU is continuing to do stupid things that are pissing people off.
My OSAP is being re-evaluated, so I have to re-assess my finances.
People continue to bombard me with problems, even after the original "Done" post.
Hot guy with the nipple ring thinks I'm a lesbian.
A friend has turned into a jerk because I won't sleep with him.
My computer is totally lagging out.
I hate everything, but I'd rather kill than die.
People are having panic attacks.
I'm 3 weeks behind on my minutes for Com Org.
I really, really want to hurt something.
Potential Serial Killer from tonight's Criminal Minds totally reminds me of a friend of mine. Like, eerily.
Acutally, the whole Dr. Ried working with Potential Serial Killer kid story line really, seriously reminded me of myself, and it scared the hell out of me.

I'm really not in a good place right now.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, yes, it would be genocide, since that involves killing off an entire species, which the human race does qualify as, as scary as that seems