November 12, 2006

How the other half lives

I've just come back from dropping off Nathan's stuff. That was an experiance. A good one, but still kinda wierd.

We stood out on his front porch and caught up. It was nice, actually. Sarah (Steph's daughter) is a sweet heart. She's 6, and very cute. Nathan was telling me that aparently twins run in Steph's family, so there's a chance that there may be more than one baby... I think that's wild! I mean, it's great, but it's like, with me, he always wanted a family, and I pretty much... didn't. Now, he has an instant family, plus 2 of his own? Talk about fate... :) He's going to be soooo busy, but he's really happy about it.

So, anyways, I'm heading out again to take Sarah to the laundrymat, then homeworking until my fingers fall off. Should be an interesting day. I'll post more later, if I'm thinking about it.

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