November 12, 2006


Hello again!

It's now 6:20pm, and I thought I'd give you all a progress report. Because, you know, I need a brain-beak.

...It just took me 4 trys to spell break. Oi.

Anyways, I have almost all of my laundry done, and none of it put away. I'm half-way through my first assignment of the night. I might not get through my sociology assignment tonight, but I'll at least get it started. I'm not sure about vacuuming, but we'll see.

I have another tote to put stuff in downstairs, thanks to Nathan, and I have a couple of my sweaters back! Yay! that makes me gleeful.

I will probably not get to my Nano tonight. In fact, I likely won't get to that until tomorrow, but hopefully I can bang off a few thousand more words, so eventually I'll hit the half way point (by the 15th, you should have 25,001 to be "caught up". I'm at 5000).

Ah, well... We'll see what happens. But that's all for now. I'll probably post again when I get this big dumb assignment done and mailed to Mary. We'll see what kind of mood I"m in then.



Colleen said...

After it took you four tries to spell "break", I shouldn't really point out it says "beak", should I?

Keep working hard, it shall all pay off.

Sparky said...



*leaves, plays Risk, drinks beer.*

Much better.