November 12, 2006

One Down...

Seventeen Pages.

One - Seven. Yeah. 8-10? Who are you foolin?

Anyways, it's done. That's one assignment down, folks. Just a handful more to go.

Well, tonight wasn't a complete write off, and that's ok. I got the stupid thing written, and now I can start on the Sociology Assignment, at least until my laundry's done. Word to the Wise: never leave your bedsheets until last.

Anyways, yeah. So, I'm hoping that this week can be an "in" week. Yeah, I know... No more Heros/Firefly Marathons, no more bar-after-rehersal's, none of that until I'm seriously, 100% caught up. And really, that shouldn't take me that long. I mean, the soc. assignment is actually pretty easy. The tests... meh. No big deal there, really. I'll be ok. This assignment hanging over my head just kinda got me worked up, that's all.

Anyways, Cleaning, then soc. Then maybe even some Nanoing, if I get chance. We'll see how tired I am.

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