October 2, 2006

It's that time of year again!

Ladies and Gentalmen, start your wordprocessors...

I just visited the NaNoWriMo.org site, and they are up and running once again, ready and waiting for all you novelists out there! There are sweet new participant icons, and actual Flyers for download (coming soon to Nipissing and Canadore, thanks to yours truly). Plus, donations made to NaNo this year are officially TAX DEDUCTABLE! Woo Hoo!

So, people, get your thinking caps on, and compile your novelling playlists, build up some character profiles and whip up an outline! Less than a month from now, THE INSANITY WILL BEGIN ONCE MORE!!!!

...So, that's that. also, I'd like to draw attention to http://www.trich.org, the Tricitillomania Learning Centre (TLC) Homepage. This week is officially All Join Hands week, a week promoting awareness of the disorder. Trichitillomania is a condition which causes a preson to compulsivly pull out their hair, enough to leave bald patches and, in some cases, infection. It is a disorder very similar to dermitillomania, or compulsive skin picking disorder, something I deal with on a daily basis.

The TLC coordinators are sending me both a "basic" mailing package, and an educational package, which I'm going to be trying to incorperate into SIAD, once Ducky gives me the go-ahead. It's important to me, so those who care (nudge...) will take a quick peek at the site. Or else.

So, what's going on, other than that? Well, I'm sitting in D244, killing time until either my interviewing class starts, or Randy gets back to his office so I can get the damned letters. Either way... Yeah, killing time. If I had skipped the video for Multiculturalism (test went fairly well, by the way...), I would have been able to go downtown, pick up/drop off a few things, and maybe have been back in time for class... But I'll do it after class... Or after lunch, if Brian's willing to come with me.

On the block for tonight is a massive amount of studying for the two tests tomorrow, and my tutorial questions. Nothing really huge, but it's enough to keep my busy. I put up a note saying that I will be driving to London, and when I walked by an hour later, one of my phone number tags was already gone! Rock on... I could be getting some extra cash out of this after all!

I guess I should go get a sandwich or something... I don't really want to eat much, but I don't want to be starving either... Thank god for the caf and their $3 hardly-filling sandwiches. Tuna!

Alright... I'm gonna go sit in the caf. If you read this, and are bored, and can teleport to the caf in about 10 minutes.... Come find/distract me!


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