October 4, 2006

Breaking News:

My sister, Ashley, was in a car accident this afternoon. She's ok, for the most part. According to the police, a tire blew, and she lost control of the car. She went into a ditch, and hit a tree head on. The car's pretty much a write off, But Ash is definatly ok. She's lucky though.

Her chin chest got hit worst by the airbags, so most of that skin is raw. The doctors said she had a sprained neck, sprained back, bruised chest plate (!) and some contusions, and because she doesn't remember any of this, including whether or not she lost concoiusness, Mom has to wake her up every 2 hours tonight. She's gonna be completely black and blue by the time I get home.

I'll add more later, after homework and such... Just thought I should post this. Send happy thoughts and pain killers her way, people.

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