October 9, 2006

Post-turkey recap

Well, I thought I posted while I was at home. Aparently, dial-up and Blogger don't mix well.

In any case, Turkey Day was excellent! There was Turkey and Ham, and roast beef the next day. I tried making Sweet Potato Pie, but it was a bit too...sweet for me. Though, I'm pretty sure I now like Yams. I'm going to have to try the Sweet Potato Fries that mom has a recipy for.

Speaking of which...www.campbellkitchen.com is my new home. There are recipies in there that I will be trying, and you all will be my guinia piggies! Tortalini soup, casseroles... Fun times to be had by all!

Ash is doing fine, as are the cat and dog (there's a new living arrangement there that's causing a few wars...), and everyone at home is great! It's too bad that I only got the weekend... It felt like I was barely home before I had to leave again.

I had some crazy dreams over the weekend... One where my closet lead to Narnia, and Heather started giving us all Japaneese names, and one where I was madly in love with this guy... All I can remember is stroking his hair and being late for some form of rehersal... Wierd, wierd stuff.

So, I'm going to be a very lonely puppy this week, since most of the Nipissing people are gone. If you're Nip, and you're around, drop me a line, and we'll get together... Sort of a "we don't need a week of" party/lunch/drinkfest thing. It'll be good!

This week will be interesting... I need, first, to find a copy of The Importance of Being Earnest, since I've been cast as one of the "Lady Bracknell"s in the show. I have a copy at home, but I forgot to bring it back. I'd like to read it once before the first rehersal. Also, this is house keeping week. Vacuume, dust, cleanse...the whole 9. I've felt myself starting to slip again, and I'm not, repeat NOT going to let that happen again. And, there will be homework too, so everything should be good.

Well, to bed with me. I have class and work tomorrow, and 6 hours in the car made my back hate me.


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