September 24, 2006


Well, that was something...

Game was interesting, in that I didn't really get to do much. I failed my "Find Chineese Resteraunts in North Bay that are open on a Saturday" check, but Sarah saved me with a nice diplomacy check and a natural 20 to "Be nice to the good people at Subway". In total, I earned a +5 to "driving across town for no real reason", 5 gold pieces and a "robe of dance the night away", while Sarah earned herself a +100 to diplomacy, immunity to frustrated drivers and second hand smoke, and Glaive of Glavin-Glovie.

Then there was the boat cruise with Vanessa. The Chief Commanda was just as spectacular as I had imagined (which translates to "not at all"...), but the food was suprisingly good, and I met some good people. $6.90 for a drink was a bit overboard though. Pardon the pun.

The party after was actually really cool. I felt at ease with everyone, which was nice. Though, if I hear "Show us your Mommoks" again, I might throw something.

So, now I'm here. I'm a little bit hung over (2 drinks and 4 glasses of wine will do that...) and I'm doing my homework like a good little student. I finished the minutes for Com. Org., and found out which emails work, and which don't. I also found some new-ish pamphlets for SIAD, and Signed up to recieve some information on TLC's All Join Hands week.

All Join Hands week (Oct 1-8) is a week devoted to raising awareness about Trichitillomania. Though I"m a little late to the party this year, Next year I'll be ready with Materials and possibly Movies to show examining how Trich effects the lives of people from all walks of life. This year, I'll probably just put up posters and wear a sticker or something.

Next on the list is my Group Work outline, then my Interviewing Assignment. I should really get a start on Typing up my Group Work Tutorial Questions, and my RAK assignmnet, but they're not due till Friday. I have a test on Tuesday too, that I have to study for, and have only just bought the book for. And, I still have another Character to build for Game on Sunday. So, nothing too hectic. Just steady. Should be interesting.

SoS meeting is tomorrow at 8pm, and I start work on Tuesday. Both of these are good things. I'm excited! things are going so well! You know what that means...Eventually it will all come crashing down. I know, I know... But it will.

For some reason, I think that this year I'll be ready for it.

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