September 21, 2006

It's all in the Details.

So I'm creating new trinkets and tools for Sarah's D&D game (which, coincidentally, has been moved to Next Sunday, so I now have a homework day! YAY!!), and it's involving a lot more brain power than I expected, mostly because I have to provide stats and descriptions of everything. I'm not getting my Deck of Many Things, but I've come up with somehting that may be just as fun and could potentially involve rubber chickens.

An alergic reaction to something in the serum they use to test for TB gave us a bit of a scare today... Nothing life threatening, but a near positive test. See, when they inject you with the stuff, they expect the spot to swell up and maybe bruise. If, in two days later, the spot is still red and raised measuring 10mm across, you are positive for TB.

Mine was raised 6mm across, and had little tiny blisters on the spot.

I'm ok. Itches like hell, but aparently I'm fine. I'd like to know what I'm alergic to, though.

No, I didn't get to see Grey's Anatomy tonight. Boo. But I did get to see Jericho and StandOff, both looking to be awsome shows. And I got to re-watch Criminal Minds another of the awsome shows. And ER was pretty good, for a show I haven't really watched in 3 years. I only watch it when Noah Wylie guest stars, but don't tell anyone...

Grr... Arg... I really don't want to do to class tomorrow. Boo for class. It's computers! I'm actually debating just doing all of the modules in succession... I'd probably still have it done before the end of October, since we can do more than one Mod per class. I've already done the tests for this week, so I'm free to dig into the Word stuff... Hell, I could use a brush up on the basic stuff I never actually use.

So, time for a new list of things I seriously need to do! Yay...

1)Laundry. Clean clothes make me happy.
2)Minutes from the Com. Org meeting
3)Finish my character write-up for Sarah.
4)Call Nan about the Multiculturalism Assignment
5)Generate an outline for the Group Work Project.
6)RAK write-up
7)Intervewing Assignment #3
8)Create a back-up character incase I do something dumb and Sarah blows me up.
9) Email Dr. Meek and thank him for his services, and ask him to invoice my mother
10) Read More Sociology
11)Study for Multiculturalism Quiz
12)Study for History and Philosophy Quiz
13)...Oh, lord, I'm sure there's more, I just haven't thought of it yet.

So, It's almost 11.30pm, and I guess I have to be up at 6.30am... I should probably sleep. If You're looking for me Friday Afternoon, I have shopping to do. I need a purty sweater, about 200 more index cards, and a reload on my supliments. I'm running out of ACV, Papaya, Omega3-6-9, and Flax. Actually, I think I'm going to replace Flax with Iron. Maybe then I'll stop bruising so easily. Oh, and Calcium. Sweet.

See? No worries at all about being bored.

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