September 1, 2006

In Box, Out Box

So, I got some stuff taken care of at school today. Proof of registration, a form for assessment of previous education for transfer credit, Doctor's appointments, and I even got a tour from Mr. Craig Larson, one of the most paranoid people I have ever met. But he's entertaining, so I guess I'll keep him. Until Meaghan kills him.

I'm a little frustrated at the way Canadore organizes things. I think it would make sense to mail out all of the course scheduals in July, so that people with issues can resolve said issues before the first day of classes. As it stands, there's no way I'll get my schedual actually sorted out until the second week of classes. I call Shinanigans on Canadore, just because of that.

Oh, well. Things did get accomplished, so that's something. And Mike and I are now heading to Zellers to buy things of great importance, like loo roll and kitchen towel. I'm going to pick up an in-box and and out-box for all of my paperwork while I'm there. And maybe another basket for miscelanious items.

Oh, and FYI, Papaya Enzyme gives you the *worst* hiccups... grr.

P.S. re: change in Layout: I know it's kinda plain, but I'm still toying with Blogger's new features. And it looks a hell of a lot better than it did last night, so I'm leaving it pretty much as is, maybe adding colour or pictures here and there. Nothing special until they get some purtyer templates to work with.

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