September 2, 2006

Beta Issues...

I switched to Blogger Beta, because it has more features, and because the template stuff was easier for people like me with a very basic understanding of HTML (I passed the course, but I never said I'd remember any of it...). And only now am I starting to see some issues with this.

Mainly that I can no longer post comments on blogs that are not Beta. I guess it's a way of getting people to switch, seeing as eventually everyone will be switching. So, Sarah, Ducky and Vanessa (should she start posting again), I'm sorry I can't comment anymore. I guess they're fixing that problem, but I'm not putting money on it happening soon.

I will reply to one of Sarah's posts here, though, because I probably would have talked about it anyways.

Sarah (of Bardic Scrawls)'s last post was about "Resolutions" for the new school year. We all do it every year, and Just like the January resolutions, we all give them up when panic mode hits, usually around November. But, it's fun to think about it anyways. What would I do if I could be the perfect student, roomate, daughter/sister/friend? What would I do if I could set goals, and REALLY stick to them, not just half-assed attempt them then throw it out the window when I get stressed? Probably things like this:

1) be a better roomate. Last year kinda sucked, and people felt taken advantage of, and that really shouldn't have happened. With this year looking a little smoother, given the encouragement I've been getting from former Canadore people, and the promise of a throttling should I start a relationship or get in over my head with SOS, I'm thinking that this should be something I can do. I'm not saying that I'll be perfect, because that's just rediculous, but I'll be better.

2) Organize and time manage. *snort*, yeah, like that ever really happens. But, I will try again this year. With all the downsizing I did this summer, and all the stuff I sent off to Value Village and Good Will, There really isn't that much to organize. Should things get out of control again, I should be ok to get back on top.

3) read more. I gave up on Jane Austen. Sorry, Sarah and Ducky, but I read 3 pages of Emma and realized that it's not going to happen. Well, at least not yet. Maybe sometime in the near future, but not now. So I'm reading Lolita, finally. It's actually kinda engaging, in a twisted, oddly personal sort of way.

4) Get over it. I don't like the drama either. It's tiring, and bad for the Karma. I'm going to stop holding stupid grudges and getting mad for stupid reasons. So, Todd's back on my MSN list, and since he's actually back in town (like, with a house and stuff), I might eventually join him in a drunken adventure or two. Platonicly, of course, since he's chained to someone already, and I've declaired my asexuality. Still, Drunken adventures. And maybe some random MTG with Nathan and his new lady-friend.

5)Deep Breaths. Letting it go. Water off a Duck. Stress, other people's problems, back-handed compliments, roumers = water. I = Duck. I will be a duck, because if I don't learn to be a duck now, I'll be roast turkey once I get on a career path.

I think I just called myself a duck, and it made me giggle.

Really, those are the top 5. Everything else kinda rests on those things.

I LOVE HIGHSPEED INTERNET!!!! Did I mention that already? Just wondering...cause I really do. I downloaded a bunch of songs and music videos, including the new one from Evanessance, which I'm totally in love with right now. And Rasputine, because it reminds me of grade 10 general math. Don't ask. And, yes, I now have PCD's "Buttons", because that is a damned sexy video. It really is. Rawr. so much so, that I'm going to watch it now.


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Melissa said...

okay... same goes for you... Fuzz Therapy! I have a kitty... she likes to cuddle and purr and be cute and get pets.... you will get stressed and thus you require a snuggle or five with said purring kitty so that you can do the deep breath thing and just zen. Plus I have 2 couches so you and Heather can come over at the same time and get fuzz therapy... course no fighting over the kitty b/c then that defeats the purpose of fuzz therapy.